Where are the CUNY startups?

Despite the fact that this blog intends to follow all type of startups created or being developed in New York,  I must admit that as a student at the City University of New York,  I also wanted to find companies that are actually being built within the city’s public education system.

My idea has been to feature CUNY-based startups, but I’ve had a hard time finding a  database or organization that lists businesses created within the system.

Despite the existence of multiple entrepreneurship/business departments within CUNY colleges; I believe, – and this my personal opinion,- that there should be a more collective effort by the CUNY system to gather these startups within one place. I believe that this would  help to create a stronger community of entrepreneurs, and even give identity and support to those who plan to become business owners.

It is really important for CUNY faculty and administration to realize that students, no matter their major, are becoming more aware of the entrepreneurial economy.  An increasing number of young adults are following the steps of successful startups, and many of these people hope to become and be part of a truly independent workforce that values innovation and creative collaborations, more than just being part of a large corporation.

This dissatisfaction with corporate America can be perceived even at the smallest examples of legal employment: internships.

Articles such as “For Interns, All Work and No Payoff” by the New York Times, or ProPublica’s Internships Series, explore multiple cases of people, who unhappy with the way corporations treat them, decide to create their own ventures or become freelancers and independent workers.

This one of the reasons why I think CUNY has to do a better job at promoting entrepreneurship beyond business and marketing degrees. Students are perceiving industries, – and even education- in a completely different manner than their previous generations, and this is what CUNY needs to tackle or even take advantage of.

By promoting technology, apprenticeship and a sense of entrepreneurial community within itself, CUNY has the potential to become a stronger player in Silicon Alley, becoming the original New York incubator that its local students currently need.


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